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Join DiscourseNet

DiscourseNet is a non-profit association whose members manage their affairs bottom-up. DiscourseNet does not pursue any commercial objectives and this webpage can always be used by you free of charge. However, some essential services such as maintaining this website and keeping the organizational flow active, require some financial help from the community. DiscourseNet members pay a fee of €30 per year, which will support our activities. We welcome everybody to support and join DiscourseNet!

As a DiscourseNet member, you 

  • can participate in the three to four DiscourseNet events taking place every year;
  • can benefit from the networking, mentoring and other support from the DiscourseNet Board;
  • can submit your work to the DiscourseNet Working Paper series, get feedback and discuss your work at one of the events;
  • will be listed in the membership directory;
  • are invited to participate in the General Assembly where objectives are decided and representatives are elected;
  • can get support with engagement in discourse-related initiatives (including organizing conferences, projects, publications and building/maintaining research networks). 

If you want to join DiscourseNet, please write a message to membership@discourseanalysis.net including your name, email address and professional status (e.g. PhD student, professor, independent researcher) and any ideas that you want to bring to DiscourseNet. We will then be happy to get back to you with further information on how to sign up.

We have prepared the following payment options for you:

  • SEPA:
    • allow a regular and automatic Direct Debit through the attached form (which includes two copies, one for us and one for the account holder). We consider this the best option for all bank accounts in SEPA countries, which include EU, Switzerland, Norway, UK etc. Account holders can cancel any payments made to DiscourseNet within 8 weeks.
  • Paypal: 
    • For regular automatic payments, we’ve set up the following two plans. N.B. The added 2€ are to cover the Paypal fee.
    • One off payments/donations can be made here.
  • Bank transfer
    • You can make direct bank transfers to our German account, or you can use an online service such as Transferwise.
      • Bank account name: DiscourseNet
        IBAN: DE61830654080004194489
        Bank address:
        Deutsche Skatbank
        Zweigniederlassung der VR-Bank
        Altenburger Land eG
        Altenburger Straße 13
        04626 Schmölln

What is DiscourseNet?

DiscourseNet welcomes all discourse researchers. We understand Discourse Studies as a field studying social practices of meaning production in the entanglements of verbal and/or non-verbal communication. Discourse researchers mobilize theories and methods to account for objects at the intersection of language, power and society.

DiscourseNet has existed since 2008. Members of DiscourseNet meet in regular congresses, conferences and summer schools. Coordinated by a Board, DiscourseNet helps create and pursue research activities across disciplines, countries and languages. It runs various publication outlets and it has created this web platform.

Please always make sure you are a registered user of this portal and that you keep your account up-to-date (see the login button at top right).

The Association

DiscourseNet was constituted as an association at the General Assembly on 14/09/2019 in Paris. The General Assembly has adopted the DiscourseNet founding documents (pdf) with two amendments and elected the representatives for the next two years. DiscourseNet is coordinated by the DiscourseNet Board. DiscourseNet e.V. was registered in Amtsgericht Fürth, Germany (VR 200493) on 29/11/2019.

Latest News

Upcoming General Assembly during DNC4 on Wed 20 October 2021 at 5pm CEST! Online: Information here: Link.

Elections for the team of representatives will be held during the General Assembly on Wed 20 October 2021 at 5pm CEST. Information on the election here [Link], and on the new team standing for election [Link]. All active members of the DiscourseNet Association are eligible to vote.

DiscourseNet 2019 Year-End Letter (31/12/2019): Link
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Candidate team for the upcoming elections (07/09/19): Link  
Invitation for a Skype conference for those interested in DiscourseNet activities  (31/08/19): Link
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